It should be easy to submit films. Everyone should have the chance to recommend their film for selection. Film history is littered with examples of small movies having a big impact. We have therefore decided to ease the process by dispensing with unnecessary requirements. Your submission is free but surely not for nothing.

We charge absolutely no submission fees and are watch all our submissions year round. We have no fixed deadlines for submissions and if a film arrives too late for this year’s festival, it will automatically be placed in the running for next year. The only requirement for a submission is that it has not yet been in general release (festival screenings are no problem). We are always especially happy to have the honor of premiering films in Germany.

Please note that we do not show any shorts but rather focus on films with a minimum running length of 60 minutes. Furthermore, for films that are in languages other than English, we require English subtitles.

Submissions are best made via link or on media (Blu Ray, DVD, Video file). We can also accept DCPs as submissions if needed.

The selection process is divided into three general steps:

1. We view all the submissions until the middle of July at which point we write up a shortlist of about 20 favorites. No film is rejected before this point. We watch everything.
2. We determine which titles we would like to present and will contact you should your submission be among the selections. Thereafter we can negotiate the conditions for the screening.
3. By the end of August, every film should have been either accepted or rejected. In any case, you will hear back from us.

We are looking forward to your movie!




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