28th of September 2019 | 6:00 pm | German premiere


It’s all over. The world has been wiped clean when Aubrey awakens after a night of grieving over her recently deceased friend and finds herself faced with the apocalypse. Via radio she receives the message of another survivor. His voice is the only thing left in this world next to despair, death, destruction and the creature hunting down everything that moves. When Aubrey finds a tape called „This mixtape will save the world“, she rediscovers hope.
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Originaltitel: Starfish
USA 2018 | 101 Minutes

Director: A.T. White
Right holder: Yellow Veil Pictures
Language: English
Cast: Virginia Gardner, Christina Masterson, Eric Beecroftt
Festivals: Fantasic Filmfest, Brooklyn Horror Film festival, Raindance Film Festival, Ithaka Fantastic Film Festival, Morbido Filmfest