Saturday, 2018-09-29 // 4:00 pm // New Cut! World Premiere // Directors spotlight // With guests!


The news keeps reporting cases of dead animals in the forests of Wales. But lately there are increasingly frequent reports of attacks on people. Sophie and her friends are captivated by the story and, thirsty for adventure, decide to go in search of the alleged beast responsible for the terror. And like in classic legends, the search soon turns into a battle of life and death. After fleeing into an old building Sophie is ambushed and finds herself face to face with the beast.

A raw no budget project that points to what kind of talent lies within Simeon Halligan. His debut is an idea-rich horror thriller that expertly plays with the clichés of the genre.
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Original title: Splintered
Great Britain 2010 | 72 minutes (New Cut!)

Director: Simeon Halligan
Right holder: Not A Number
Language: English Language
Cast: Stephen Walters, Holly Weston, Sacha Dhawan, Sadie Pickering, Colin Tierney