Saturday, 2018-09-29 // 6:30 pm // German premiere


Lewis is intelligent, eloquent and, well, pretty hot this evening and this hasn’t failed to impress Sarah who, along with Rachel, is on the prowl for some man action. Sarah, the shyer of the two, manages to take the baton lets Lewis take her home. His house is as stylish as he is and the night runs its course until Sarah realizes that she has found herself in a sick game of attraction and finds herself being pulled into a swamp of distrust, betrayal and death.

This electrifying, erotic and devilishly evil thriller dances with the dark demons of the human psyche at a bloody banquet. Beautiful, fascinating, sickening, mega!
Zur deutschen Filmbeschreibung



Original title: Pimped
Australia 2018 | 78 minutes

Director: David Barker
Right holder: Raven Banner Entertainment
Language: English Language
Cast: Ella Scott Lynch, Benedict Samuel, Robin Goldsworthy, Heather Mitchell, Lewis Fitz-Gerald
Festivals: Fright Fest