Sunday, 2018-09-30 // 8:00 pm // Closing Night


Red and Mandy have found perfect isolation in the woods. Nothing can disturb the deep love they have for each other. Not even the neighboring cult that is putting on its own show. When these fucking Jesus freaks with the help of a zombie biker gang break into the house and kill Mandy, the fun is over. Liquor, cocaine, a crossbow and a forged wonder weapon are just some of the accessories to be found on Red’s bloody campaign of vengeance against these assholes!

Nicolas Cage gone wild! MANDY is a hallucinogen, a trip of a film the likes of which you have never seen. Bloody, crazy and wildly weird… This movie is already a cult favorite and rightly so!
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Original title: Mandy
USA 2018 | 121 minutes

Director: Panos Cosmatos
Right holder: Gunpowder & Sky / Koch Films
Language: English Language
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache
Festivals: Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival, Mayhem Film Festival, Fantasy Filmfest