Saturday, 2018-09-29 // 2:00 pm // German premiere


And suddenly the cat is out of the bag! They are here and they’re here to stay. But instead of being bloodthirsty monsters, vampires are really just normal everyday folk that are predisposed to sunburn and simply treat their disease with fresh blood. In order to prove that their problematic metabolism is of no danger, a family of vampires invites a television crew to dinner. But as filming starts it becomes clear that the nice family intends to have the crew for breakfast!

Vampires with frilly shirts and stilted speech are the vampires we know. But they can be different: Fresh, modern and entertaining. This fake documentary does everything right and is a lot of fun!
Zur deutschen Filmbeschreibung



Original title: Living Among Us
USA 2018 | 88 minutes

Director: Brian A. Metcalf
Right holder: Vision Films,
Language: English Language
Cast: Jordan Hinson, Andrew Keegan, Esmé Bianco, Thomas Ian Nicholas, William Sadler
Festivals: Fantasporto Film Festival, Horrorant Fright Nights, Silver Scream Festival, Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, Houston World Fest, Famous Monster Film Festival