27th of September 2019 | 8:00 pm | In attendance of Micah Gallo | German premiere


The single mother Kara is a caretaker and moves with her two children to the country where she is to look after the old ethnologist and collector Walter who can no longer take care of himself. A lot of dark secrets are hiding in his house full of relics. But even Walter doesn’t really believe in the mythological creature that is contained in a newly acquired relic. Kara and her kids have to get over a family tragedy to face this new threat.
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Title: Itsy Bitsy
USA 2019 | 96 Minutes

Director: Micah Gallo
Right Holder: Kew Media
Language: Englische Originalfassung
Cast: Bruce Davison, Elizabeth Roberts, Denise Crosby
Festivals: Popcorn Frights