Friday, 2018-09-28 // 6:30 pm // European premiere


One of these jobs again: A dead body, a saw, a little bit of acid…. The same old procedure and yet William can never get used to these gangs trying to make their dead disappear. Nevertheless, the money is good and would allow William and his daughter to buy the future they desire. But this time everything is different: The goods have survived! William is no murderer and decides to help the young woman but death demands its tribute and grasps coldly at the lives of all three.

Chad Archibald’s most mature work yet is a mix of splatter, horror and thriller that seems to find an almost gentle tranquility. A sensitive yet undoubtably hard genre film.
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Original title: I’ll take your Dead
Kanada 2018 | 92 minutes

Director: Chad Archibald
Right holder: Breakthrough Entertainment, Black Fawn Films
Language: English Language
Cast: Aidan Devine, Ava Preston, Jess Salgueiro, Ari Millen, Brandon McKnight