Friday, 2018-09-28 // 11:00 pm // German Premiere // With guests!


Social media, the next generation: “Framed” is an app that does everything differently. You present that which you wish to present and finally get the attention that you deserve! The hype goes through the roof and knows no boundaries. Alex and his friends will find out how far it really goes when they visit an old estate to throw Alex’s farewell party. After some unknown figures break into the house to hunt down the kids, the bloody party goes live.

You like your movies juicy and raw? Then this is the right slice of cinema for you. But be forewarned, these aren’t just words! FRAMED is an explosion of gore as well as an effective commentary on modern media.
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Original title: Framed
Spain 2018 | 80 minutes

Director: Marc Martinez Jordan
Right holder: Creatures of the Dark, Jinga Films, I-On New Media
Language: Spanish Language, English Subtitles
Cast: Daniel Horvath, Àlex Maruny, Joe Manjón
Festivals: Molins Del Rei Horror Film Festival, Fantasporto, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Grossman Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, Portland Horror Film Festival, Fantaspoa, Fant, Arizona Underground Film Festival, Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival