Saturday, 2018-09-29 // 11:00 pm // German premiere


It is both beautiful and nevertheless somehow dull. Oh well, at least there isn’t that much going on in the Australian Outback. You can throw back a few beers and simply enjoy the landscape, swim a little or go camping with some friends. What could go wrong? Everything it would seem. At least when a giant wild boar is protecting its territory or sometimes even rips people to shreds. Whatever. The result is definitely no pignic!

A giant pig is running wild in the Outback making quick work of campers, drinkers and whoever else crosses its path. Grab a beer, turn off that pesky brain of yours and party.
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Original title: Boar
Australia 2018 | 96 minutes

Director: Chris Sun
Right holder: Shoreline Entertainment
Language: English Language
Cast: Nathan Jones, Bill Moseley, John Jarratt, Steve Bisley, Ernie Dingo
Festivals: Brussels International Film Festival, Fright Fest, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Monster Fest