Friday, 2018-09-28 // 2:00 pm // German premiere


No word for days and then a letter suddenly a letter. What happened to happened to Sarah remains a mystery. The writer of the letter claims to have Julia and Oliver’s daughter under his control but nothing will happen to her if they agree to meet with the kidnapper. When he rings the doorbell and enters the house the family will begin an endless night of truth and nothing will be the same when the morning comes. No glimmer of hope will remain. Only despair.

A thriller of rare intensity. This film constantly tightens the noose in an exquisite crescendo of horror.
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Original title: Bajo La Rosa
Spain 2017 | 99 minutes

Director: Josué Ramos
Right holder: Urban Films
Language: Spanish Language, English Subtitles
Cast: Ramiro Blas, Pedro Casablanc, Elisabet Gelabert, Ignacio Fernández, Patricia Olmedo
Festivals: Horrorant Film Festival, Nocturna Film Festival, Feratum Film Festival, San Diego International Film Festival, Maryland International Film Festival