2020 is a really strange year. We all know why, and we're all annoyed, of course. Not because some mean and very bad politicians come to us with oh so bad rules. It's because the rules actually make sense given the circumstances. It's the fault of some virus asshole who doesn't give a shit whether you believe in them or not. The fact is, people die because of this shit. If that's not reason enough to at least try to play your part in getting Corona flushed down the toilet, then we don't know what is. Nevertheless, they want to cheat the crown particle and make sure that despite restrictions they can offer a good time for fans of extreme cinema. That's why we have decided to organize a hybrid film festival as an exception and only in 2020: Half on-site, half online. HARD:LINE goes HARD:ON:LINE.

What does that mean?

You will soon be directed to our online platform at this point. Together with Festival Scope and Shift 72 you can rent films here and watch them at home. Of course there are not endless tickets available. Instead, we fill the cinema hall virtually. 100 tickets per film are offered for sale. Each ticket costs 8€ "admission". Expensive? With nieces! The price is just to cover the costs. As a non-profit organization we are not allowed to make a profit. Audited and controlled by the funding agencies and the tax office. Many eyes that tell you that "fairness" is very important to us. We want to provide a platform for the films and filmmakers and at the same time offer you fans a great time. Period.

Hardline at home. What should you know?

How to HARD:ON:LINEThe requirements for a stream of such new films are quite rightly very high. So let us briefly explain the procedure: Each film is available to you the day after the cinema screening for 24 hours for streaming at your disposal. Our opening film UNEARTH, for example, will be shown on Wednesday in the Ostentor cinema. So it will be available online from 12:00 on Thursday. From the moment you press start, you can watch the movie finish within 12 hours. The following are enabled two devices per userso that the stream can also be placed on your display device via Chromecast for example. Sharing among friends is thus impossible. The films of the festival are only and exclusively in Germany to see. Proxy servers are blocked. In addition, the films are shown with a Watermark protectedwhich is hardly noticeable, but prevents piracy.

But let's put it simply: getting filmmaking and festivals up and running is a hell of a job. Just don't be assholes who only have illegal copying in mind, then you'll see great films... and we'll all be there for you in the future.

online tickets

Since this year only season ticket holders will have access to the cinema, we will virtually fill the cinema and bring 100 tickets per film to women and men via our online platform. Before the streaming platform goes online on 14.9. you should first read through the basic information. We have included a button here to take you to the info page until then and then to the platform from 14.9. But at this point you are surely interested in the pricing - whereby it should be mentioned again that the prices are not meant to enrich your experience, but are used to cover the costs. As a non-profit association we are not allowed to make any profits.

Online season ticket
- limited to 50 pieces
- only available
from 14th to 20.9 - 70 € total price

Single tickets - from 14.9. 50 tickets are available
- from 21.9. any remaining tickets from the season ticket contingent.
- 8 € per film