HARD:LINE International Film Festival is still a young festival but has clear goals and ambitions. We aim to support fan culture and present the perspectives and boundaries of extreme cinema. With this in mind we have taken the following two things to heart:

Firstly we have no desire to become a clearing house festival. Such a festival would do disservice to both the fans and the films because we believe that films should be seen taken in fully. They should be discussed, celebrated and, when necessary, condemned. We have thus decided to show a small but important selection of motion pictures.

Secondly there has been a questionable development in the film industry that the large multiplexes are pulling an ever-increasing number of people into the cinema where films are consumed rather than seen. We want no part of feeding this trend! We believe that people should talk and think about films, which is why we have decided against showing our selections in such locations. We aim to select theaters that also feature good and affordable restaurants and bars thus allowing our guests to remain after the screenings and be active festival participants.

Our festival is public and is not intended for any special circle of society. As previously stated, HARD:LINE is an audience-driven festival where every interested visitor is always welcome.